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Quality Lawn Machinery Sales and Service in Devon

Here at AGM Garden Machinery we offer the top makes of lawn and garden machinery at competitive prices. Whatever task needs completing in your garden, a visit to us will ensure you have the right equipment for the job. We can also service and repair all makes and models of lawn and garden machinery, small tractors and other machinery and equipment. We will undertake almost any job, including welding and steel fabrication.

We offer a wide range of spare parts and safety clothing, accessories, belts, bearings, blades, chainsaw bars and chains, oils & lubricants, spark plugs, strimmer cords and much more.

If you need something not listed above, please call us on 01364 642019 or email us and we will do what we can to assist you.

Compact Tractor and Driver For Hire

We now offer a hedge trimming and grass cutting service for large lawns, fields, paddocks or orchards.

We use a flail cutting head to mash everything up or an old style cutter bar trimmer to give a nice clean cut (the down side being there’s loads of cuttings to pick up afterwards).

Our compact tractor doesn’t make a mess on your lawns as it is on turf tyres, and it’s only a fraction of the weight of a bigger tractor and trimmer. All we require is a 5ft entrance to get in.

Grass Cutting Service

We have a 5ft topper for cutting long grass or rougher areas like fields or orchards. We also have a 6ft finishing mower for shorter grass like lawns, football fields or paddocks where you want a nice clean cut with a lawn finish.

We have many other attachments like chain harrows, a hay turner, tipping trailer and a grader for grading and levelling soil, sand or stone. Hire rates can be by the hour or by the job. Please call us on 01364 642017 for more information.

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